photo cred: Tim Tolentino

A letter about not getting the girl

Secret confession from the girl-next-door type ladies out there: We’re not very good at being the bitch.
by Andrea Borkowski


A letter about first dates

Riding a packed mass transit rail the other day, I spot a guy nearby reading a how-to book on “The Art of Having Charm.” Obviously, being both amused and incredibly humored by this, I conspicuously try to...
by Andrea Borkowski



A letter about girls and bars

To all the guys looking to find Mrs. Right in a bar: good freaking luck. I assure you I’m saying this not because I’m some love-hating pessimist; I actually do whole-heartedly believe it could happen. The problem is just this.
by Andrea Borkowski


Sex, hook-ups, and the slut factor.

Sex is a beautiful event. Sex should not be taboo; it should be celebrated. Whether you enjoy someone of the opposite sex, same sex, or even your hand, sex should be praised in its ability to bring people closer together, or at...
by James H. Williams IV



Dating: Call vs. Text

So, you’ve done the hard part. You approached the girl in the bar; you made her laugh and you got her number. Mission accomplished, or is it?
by Adam Klotz


Gym Girl

Gym Hook-Ups 101

Have these thoughts ever raced through your mind? "Did you see that girl on the treadmill? She has a great ass! ...Wish I could date her." And yet, you do nothing about it? Don't worry, Travis looks at strategies to help score ...
by Travis O.