Indiana, Iowa, and Michigan the Midwest’s Least Racist

ndiana, Iowa, and Michigan had the lowest number of hate tweets in the Midwest.
by Adam Klotz


Chicago’s Mermaid Parade

Looking for a reason to protest? "Occupy"may be to "old news" for you. Currently Greenpeace Chicago is conducting what will be Greenpeace USA's 8th Mermaid Parade. The purpose of this parade will be to collect petitions and to...
by Michael Pasco


Wisconsin’s Union Debate

Proposed legislation in Wisconsin is threatening the collectively bargaining rights of unions. Governor Scott Walker, elected on a pro-business model, has stifled constructive debate and driven many Democratic lawmakers from th...
by Travis O.



Mike Pence and Planned Parenthood

Travis looks at Mike Pence's, a Republican representative from Indiana and rumored GOP Governor candidate, proposed legislation that would revoke Title X funding from Planned Parenthood. Should Pence's third attempt to defund P...
by Travis O.


Healthcare and Guns: South Dakota’s Story

South Dakota has proposed a mandatory gun law requiring all citizens over the age of 21 to own a firearm. Why? Not because they think it's a good idea, or that it will pass through the State House, but as a protest to the healt...
by Travis O.



Where’s the Civility?

Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has been declared eligible to run for mayor of Chicago. Despite the unbiased court decision, unhealthy political discourse rears its ugly head amidst the ruling. Is American politi...
by Travis O.