February 14th, 2011

Dating: Call vs. Text

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Written by: Adam Klotz
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So, you’ve done the hard part. You approached the girl in the bar; you made her laugh and you got her number. Mission accomplished, or is it?

So what’s your next move? You probably wake up and look her up on Facebook, not necessarily to friend her, but rather, to see just how thick the beer goggles were last night.

Good news, drunk you got a hot girls phone number. But don’t celebrate yet. Trust me, that girl’s past is littered with men who she has given her number to that never got any further. So what you do next is just as important as any of your smooth talking the night before.

Personally, I’ve always errored on the side of waiting too long or being too informal with the first contact, because I don’t want to come on too strong. But really, what do I know.

So to finally put this issue to bed, (and hopefully the girl from last night) we asked 90 women how men should use those digits to get to the next level.

According to women, what you do next depends on what your intentions are. Girls don’t mind guys opening the lines of communication in a casual manner. How you go about it is important though.

Now some of you will see this graph as a green light to Facebook that girl the next day, which 70% agree is the appropriate time to make first contact, but I beg you to hold off on Facebook.
Yes, 30% prefer it. They say things such as,  “I can look at his profile and see what he is really like first.” However, those women who preferred Facebook never bashed texting.  The call and text group had nothing good to say about Facebook. Their responses range from,  “I have more than likely already Facebook stalked you. You need to man up and text me–after all I did give you my PHONE NUMBER,” and, “ if he adds me on Facebook that makes him seem like kind of a creeper.”

So you texted right? Good. You’ve been paying attention.  Now a couple days have gone by and it’s time to initiate that first date/hang out.

The rules have changed for this portion of the game. Don’t ask her to hang out via Facebook chat. Don’t shoot her a text asking her to get together. Call her!

I’m as surprised as you. I’ve always been a texter – way less pressure. But, numbers overwhelmingly side with showing you’ve got a pair by picking up the phone.

Until next time, happy sexting.

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Adam Klotz
Hey MWM. I am the creator and editor of The Midwest Man. The website is a passion project. I get paid to be a TV weathercaster and news reporter in Lima, Ohio. Make sure to participate by sharing and commenting on articles you read!



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  1. Ross on said:

    I wish it kept going. Very informative with the field study. I like how you can easily view it from the both perspectives. Way to keep it visual. Well Written.
    My recommendation: Get Some Midwest Man Video Going

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