February 3rd, 2011

Artist Spotlight: The Tallest Man On Earth

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Written by: Derek Steinborn
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Listening to The Tallest Man On Earth’s two full length albums or his most recent EP release, you discover that he has a certain way with words, both poetic and easily relatable.  His mastery of English is impressive considering it is his second language.  Kristian Matsson hails from Sweden but the folk legends that influenced him are quite evident in his music.  He often draws comparisons to Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Nick Drake.  Intricate finger picking on guitar and banjo, catchy melodies and touching lyrics are the makeup of The Tallest Man On Earth’s music.  This is the same formula found throughout all of his releases; Shallow Grave, The Wild Hunt and Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird.

You would believe by Matsson’s soaring voice and demanding stage presence that he literally is the tallest man on earth.  To verify this, you may want to see him for yourself.  Currently, his only North American date scheduled is the Coachella Festival in California, but keep an eye out.  He tours the states often.  His performances are intimate and captivating.  Few solo artists today can grab and hold the attention of a venue like The Tallest Man On Earth.

This is music in its purest form.  Do yourself a favor and buy an album. There is no required starting point, if you like any of it, you will like it all.

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2 comments on “Artist Spotlight: The Tallest Man On Earth

  1. love this guy. good voice, epic moustache. he MIGHT be my facial hair twin.

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